Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nostalgia Visit

Well today I finally managed to visit Niki in her new shop 'Nostalgia at No1' in Shepton Mallet and boy I wasn't disappointed. It is filled with wonderful delights and vintage loveliness, so much so that I forgot to take some photos! If you can get there please do and while you're there No21 is well worth a visit too! After coffee we 'ended up' at the Shepton Antiques fair (well it would be rude not to seeing as we were in the area!). I managed to pick up a little shelf for the hallway and now I have somewhere suitable to put a number of treasured items, one of 'Lucy Blooms' little peg dolls, a boat made by the wonderful 'Jane and the Happy Crow' and my new decorated bottle from Niki. After the fair we popped into Frome as I am now selling my work at 'Poot' on Catherine hill and bumped into Tina who was clearing out 'Bea and Evie'. I'm sure she will be back one day with another great shop but it has been very sad to see it shut. Last Saturday was the last day and although it was a tearful one it was a happy one too as I had my last customer there...a little girl of 7 who, according to her mum had been saving all her pocket money and doing jobs at home to earn more in order that she could buy one of my hats.....that makes it all worthwhile doesn't it?

Friday, 22 January 2010

And the winner is.......

...Mummy Boo Bear! Well done..if you email me your address ( I'll attempt to post the goodies off next week! Thank you to everyone who entered. x

Friday, 15 January 2010


Hello everyone, hope you had a good week. I now have an online blog boutique/showroom at and the reason for this is quite a sad one, the wonderful shop 'Bea and Evie' in Frome where I sell my work is closing so I will be just selling online, at the V and H and a few other select fairs. So, in order to persuade you to visit the new blog I'm doing a giveaway. All you need to do to enter is to go to the new site, add a comment and 'follow' it. If you mention my giveaway on your blog email me and I'll pop in two entries! The prize consists of two beautiful vintage boxes, a sweet bunch of violets, two glorious MOP buttons, an embroidered cloth and one of my french ombre ribbon rose corsages. I do hope this will be enough to tempt you to visit it. The winner will be announced next Friday...have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

We Love Snow!

Hello blogland hope you are all well and enjoying the snow. The girls were off school for two days last week with all this white stuff which was lovely as it gave us all time to spend playing and snuggling up with warm drinks and family films. I know its difficult for those of us 'women who work' and as teachers Mr Darling and myself have come across allsorts of desperate wails from parents but in the last 15 years of teaching our school has been closed for 4 days in total so I don't think we're too bad ;) Our smallest loved all the thick white snow for all of about an hour before realising that... yes it is cold and wet and needed plenty of cuddles and hot chocolate. The cats are totally fed up of it all and want to get out exploring again until they too realise it can be a little nippy on the paws!

I hope you can all pop in again on Friday as I have a little giveaway planned. Have a lovely week and stay safe and warm.x

Saturday, 2 January 2010

You can't help but say 'Arrrr'

I needed to show you all this picture from todays Guardian of Wem Li the baby panda climbing out of her cot! Is it legal to adopt a panda?Have a great week!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Fancy a walk?

Today was a beautiful day, really cold but bright blue skies overhead, just the way a winters day should be. New Years Eve was not so great, starting with our smallest being sick several times.....cut to a few wash cycles and cuddles later and we were much better thank goodness. We saw the new year ( and my birthday!) in with tired eyes and a glass of bubbly so this morning we thought it was time to blow away the old 2009 cobwebs and head out for a walk. We are very lucky that we live a short walk away from a dairy farm and the farmer always lets the girls go in and stroke the calves. Martha peddled along (with guidance!) on her new trike like a toddler possessed! and we all felt much better after the fresh, cold air and of course hot choc on our return. Hope you all enjoyed the first day of 2010.