Monday, 20 April 2009

Preparing for the V and H Fair

So I've been trying to catch up on some making but still have tons to do! I've managed to get labyrinthitis which is horrid, its a virus which attacks the inner ear so it feels like you're constantly seasick and so making has been put on hold a bit. It should only last a few more days though......heres hoping anyway as I'm down in Devon at the weekend to deliver some hats for a photo shoot for Romper and Gown/Anna Marinda Rose (lovely dresses... check out their website). I thought I'd post a preview of some of the corsages I'll be taking to the fair......Have a good week.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Big Smoke - Day Two

Day two in the big smoke and the first port of call was breakfast in Mortlake then a short bus ride to Jane Taylor Millinery. This is Jane's wonderful studio/shop where she creates beautiful millinery and sells some vintage hats too. It was lovely to sit with a cup of tea and talk hats for a while...she really is a very talented lady. You may recognise
her work....
We then popped up to the wonderful Liberty's where we drooled over the fabrics and then to Marylebone(?)high street for a coffee break. Then it was a mad rush back to Paddington for the train home. An exhausting but lovely time! Just a quick update on the Laduree biccies, they lasted 12 hours..and some of that was when we were asleep..does that count?!

The Big Smoke - Day One

Our eldest and I have just got back from our 'Girls Only' trip to London. We went straight to VVR where I spent too much money on pretty ribbons for flowers and hat trimmings. They really have some fab things but the flowers are so overpriced..and they're not even vintage ones! But they did redeem themselves by asking for one of my cards to display. We then went to the V and A to see the Millinery exhibition, that was splendid! The display itself is set out beautifully with a whole host of vintage and modern pieces and a lovely central area set out as a milliners studio (much neater than mine!!). Eleanor had on her cloche and we were asked by so many people about it that I've run out of cards! I also took the opportunity to plug the V and H fair to people as well! We then went to Laduree for tea and biccies....but I wasn't allowed to take photos in there which was disappointing as its so pretty in there. We brought a very small box home but they look too pretty to eat...ermm I wonder how long they'll last!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter

We've been blowing eggs this afternoon which was an experience! They haven't worked very well as the dye didn't take so they look a bit sorry for themselves. Wishing everyone a happy Easter x

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Easter time in Tetbury

Today we went out to Tetbury, partly to have a nose around and partly to meet up with my mum after her visit to Highgrove. It was full to the brim with very expensive antique shops...the sort that only stock a few choice pieces with very high prices ( not the sort you can pop in ...buggy in tow!) but we had a lovely time. We stopped for an early lunch at a cute retro cafe and then spotted a local hairdressers which had a display of one day old chicks in the window! The owner kindly brought one out so Eleanor and Martha could stroke it...very cute so we are all feeling full of spring. Have a lovely week whatever you're doing.

All bags but no money!

I'm afraid I've been a bit naughty this week and spent more money on pretties! The first was a deco bag that I resisted a few weeks ago but when I went to the Stroud vintage fair it was there waiting for could I leave it this time? Then today in Tetbury I found this lovely vintage bag...I now have no money left to put in them!