Saturday, 4 September 2010

A Week of Changes

This week my little one started at nursery. It's difficult to believe that she is already three and ready for such a big step but I think I was more nervous than she was! She had fallen over the previous day so had a horrid scab under her nose but she was very brave at A+E while they checked it wasn't broken. When she turned up at nursery she did look a bit like a little street urchin ( or 'back street diddler' as my mum would say!). So after I dropped her off I went for a very quiet coffee, no one asking for the froth from the cappuccino or asking for a toasted was all quite perculiar!

Another change this week is that I am now supplying a wonderful vintage shop in Tetbury called 'Qetty Bang Bang'. I had spoken with the owner Kerry several times and knew it would be a lovely place but nothing quite prepared me for the real shop! This has to be the most beautiful and stylish shop I have been in ( and thats saying alot as I've been in plenty!!) The interior and the way items are displayed is so clever. I did take a few photos but they're not wonderful and Kerry has promised she will send me some more but if you are ever passing Tetbury (or even if you're not!) it really is worth a visit.

Have a great week.