Friday, 26 November 2010

The Original Vintage and Handmade Fair....and a small moan!

This Sunday is the much anticipated 'Vintage and Handmade Fair' http://http// in Chipping Sodbury from 10am. It is always a wonderful fair and the organisers Michele and Jayne really pull out all the stops. This time the fair is larger with even more stalls selling things to easily tempt the pennies from your purses! so even if the weather is cold and blustery you can be sure of hot tea, yummy cakes and original, beautiful christmas presents. I personally owe an awful lot to the organisers of this fair. It all started when I found a postcard advertising the first V and H and went along to see what was on offer. While there I met the lovely Nicky http://http// and got chatting about the world of blogging (something I had never heard of before!) and went home inspired to start my own and hoping that I may be able to have a stall at the next fair with my millinery. Without the V and H I wouldn't have started my blog, wouldn't be part of the V and H fairs and most likely wouldn't have got together with Liz and organised 'The Vintage Bazaar' so I am hugely grateful to those lovely ladies! It is because of this that I feel very strongly when other individuals take the fair name they developed. Liz and I had an arduous task coming up with a name that would create the right feel for our 'Bazaar' and were very aware about copying ones which were already out there. It is such a shame therefore that others feel less creative about their naming skills, especially as we all seem to be a rather nice bunch of people, well most of us!..........moan over!
Hope to see you all at 'The Original Vintage and Handmade Fair'......snow or no snow!