Monday, 31 May 2010

Lindy Hop Bopping

This Sunday it was the Lindy Hop Bop and Vintage Fair in Bath. Although we had a good day it was very low on people and customers seemed to be mainly people coming back from buying a pint of milk at sainsburys next door...not really people out to buy vintage! nevermind though as I had Jayne (http://http// and Michele (http:// right next door and I met the lovely Rebecca (http://http// too so all in all it was a positive day. All three ladies had some fabulous things for sale and Jayne's daughter had some beautiful cushions she had made ( and some serious coffee knowledge!). Eleanor spent some time learning the lindy hop dance moves before partners were required and she became too shy to carry on so she had a 40's makeover instead...curlers and all! I was very tempted too as their clients came away looking fabulous....I thought about asking them to our Vintage Bazaar ( http://http// in October to work their magic on the customers.......good idea or am I getting carried ( bopped) away?

Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Day In Devon

Last weekend we all went to Donna Flower's open day in Devon and my goodness what a day it was! We followed directions down a very narrow and winding lane until we saw the familiar banner announcing we had arrived. The girls were really excited because Donna cleverly had the trampoline up in the garden so I left the two children ( and one husband!) playing while I investigated the treasures within including the place where Donna's new shop will be. It was so lovely to finally get there and Donna's mum met me at the door and gave me the grand tour (what a lovely and glamorous mum you have Donna!). Room after room of fabulous fabrics, clothes, trims, toys......needless to say I was there for about two hours (with a break to enjoy a cup of tea, thanks Woo!) pondering and pawing everything. While I was there Donna got a parcel full of ribbons from was like Christmas day as she opened the box...two grown women 'ooohing' and 'arrhhing' over ribbons is a very sorry sight to behold I can tell you! After a few purchases ( believe me I could have remortgaged the house!) Donna suggested we take the girls to Clovelly which was a great idea. There are no cars in this little village on the sea just an incredibly steep cobbled path running from the top to the harbour. It was so steep we couldn't even take the buggy so Martha toddled precariously as did Mummy (silly shoes alert!). We chickened out of climbing back up and hopped on the landrover to the halfway point where there are donkeys for the children, a pottery studio and a wonderful textile designer whose work reminded me of the chrysede fabrics produced in Cornwall. On our way home the next day we stopped in Wells for lunch where we saw this wonderful car...I wish we could have driven home in that beauty! Thank you to Donna, her mum and Woo for a lovely day, now when's the next one!?

Monday, 3 May 2010

Cupboard Love

Today was supposed to be such luck! It's been windy and cold all day. I had planned to finally decorate a cupboard I bought a few weeks ago, I envisioned sanding, painting and distressing it outside in the warm sun perhaps taking a break every now and again for a cold drink. Well, I decided to go ahead anyway...patience is not a virtue I possess and so it serves me right that I was chasing paintbrushes across the garden in the wind. I used some beautiful vintage wallpaper in the back of it which I found at the assembly rooms vintage fair in Bath and its finally back in the house after its very 'distressing' time in the elements. This evening I think there will be lots of time spent 'faffing' with whats going in it....with Mr Darling in the background sighing and saying things like " Yes it looks fine". Have a lovely week whatever you're up to.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Day at the Fair

As most of you are aware yesterday was the long awaited Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury organised by the lovely Michele (cowboys and custard) and Jayne (country cottage chic). It is always such a pleasure meeting up with the other stallholders and customers and yesterday was no exception. The day went so quickly and I am looking forward to the next one already. I won't ramble on..rather I'll leave you with the pictures I took (some blurry due to rushing before the crowds came in!). Enjoy......