Sunday, 31 May 2009

'Fair Purchases' or 'How to hide buys from Hubby!'

Well yesterday was such a success I treated myself to a few purchases while I was there. The key to this was to disappear leaving hubby busy on my stall while wandering around the other stalls to make my purchases, then sneekily popping them into the box under the table without him noticing!Oh dear the tangled webs we weave! Well here is what I bought...I could have bought much more so really I SAVED money..or at least thats what I've told him (he's not fooled!).

Saturday, 30 May 2009

'THE' Fair!

Wow, what a great day! The place was full of beautiful stalls and the people just kept coming. It was super to put faces to names and needless to say a few purchases were made (and a good few orders taken and hats sold). Thanks to the lovely ladies who organised it, a brilliant job.I won't bore you all with the details as there are so many photos to look at! Enjoy...........

Friday, 29 May 2009

Back Again!

Just a very short (lazy) post. We've been away for the week in St Ives and I've been trying to catch up on post reading, emailing, baking cakes for the V and H fair tomorrow (oh good grief....still need to pack stuff up for that!) and the mountain of washing that still needs doing. Hope you can come to the fair tomorrow, it promises to be a really super event. Do say 'hello' if you can make it. Will write a proper post soon!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Press for the V and H

How exciting! There's a super article in the western press about the fair and my business name is in print for the first time so I've been boring everyone silly with it all day! It really should be a fab (expensive!) day with so many beautiful stalls I just hope I get the time to look around and take some good photos for those of you who can't make it. Now off to climb the mountain of washing...not quite as glamorous! Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lovely Finds

Here's the second installment with pictures of the things I've found recently. The eiderdown came from the Shepton flea market a few weeks ago and was from a lady geting rid of old stock..after a good wash it came up really nicely and only cost £10..the framed embroideries were not so cheap unfortunately but have pride of place in our bedroom. Next on the list is an art nouveau plant stand which I just fell for, I'm not sure how I'll use it, it's too nice to go outside. Lastly are a tablecloth, all hand appliqued from a great antique shop in Melksham for £3 (as you can gather I do love a good bargain!) and a beautiful French embroidered trim. Both have a couple of my new hats on which are adult sizes..they're off to the V and H at the end of the month. I still have lots to do for the fair and as we are in St Ives for half term I need to get cracking, if only children would bathe themselves, feed themselves and do the housework, I'd get far more done!!! Have a super week x.

Shepton and Steam

Sunday meant the Shepton antiques fair and although we normally roll up about 12pm, due our youngest learning to escape from her cot (heaven help us!) we were all awake and ready to go by 9am! It was a lovely day with plenty of purchases (more about those in my next post) and sunny weather. Niki's stall was stunning as you can see from the photos and it was lovely to see a number of stalls with postcards advertising the V and H fair ( dont forget to come!). On our way back we stopped off at the East Somerset steam railway. We've never been there before but we pass it every time we go to the fair. It takes about 40mins to go to the end and back and the girls loved it. Eleanor even got to wear the proper hat and stand up in the engine....Martha was a bit bemused by it all but when she saw the newborn calf out of the window she got very excited indeed. The waiting room houses a collection of old railway paraphenalia and it all smells wonderful...layers of wood polish and steam. I'm sure we'l be back..I fancy the strawberries and cream day but hubby likes the idea of the cider,cheese and steam day...we'll wait and see.

Friday, 1 May 2009

photo shoot and a new shop

The photo shoot in Devon went very well at the weekend and I'll post a few of the proper pics when they arrive. The models were very well behaved and the weather held out for most of the session. The dresses really were super, with beautiful hand smocked fronts and in a selection of very pretty floral cottons, they looked great with the hats. I've brought a couple back home with me to take along to the V and H fair in May so pop over and have a look.

My eldest and I also found a bargain this week in a charity shop...a little dolls house shop for £7. It was in a real state so we (or rather 'I') sanded it, painted it and added some little curtains and it looks much happier now. We can't decide what sort of shop it should be, of course my choice was a milliners but my eldest fancies a cake shop! We also need to think of a name...any suggestions? We're supposed to have some sun this weekend so have a lovely time whatever you're doing.