Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Busy, Busy Bumblebee...

Like the title says I have been madly busy over the past few weeks not 'just' doing the mum thing with two very energetic children but also being a manic PR lady for 'The Vintage Bazaar'. I cannot count ( well I can ..probably) the number of emails I've sent, phonecalls I've made ( using my posh phone voice obviously!) and letters I've sent to various publications in order to try and get the event some coverage, but it was all worthwhile! So far we have Sewhip, Homes and Gardens, Livingetc, BBC Homes and Antiques, Bath Life, The Bath Magazine, Bath Chronicle, Country Living online, Frome Times, Fosseway, Period Living online, Somerset Life, Frome Life ( a new magazine) and vintage fairs listings online to name just a few and I am still chasing up some others as well! BBC Homes and Antiques have also requested to have a stand at the bazaar itself so thats doubly exciting. Liz and I have been handing out postcards willy nilly to individuals and the larger posters will be going up this weekend. The image I've used for the poster is at the top of this post. I felt it gave the right vintage christmas vibe so I hope you all like it? If you would like me to send you any cards to do some advertising yourselves please let me know. Have a great rest of the holidays and remember to keep Sat. 30th October free on your calendar!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

You can never have enough chairs!

Last week we visited Shepton Mallet and made a visit to Niki's shop http://http//nostalgiaatthestonehouse.blogspot.com/ouse.blogspot.com/ As you can imagine there were lots of beautiful things to look at so for those of you who live too far away I'm including a small taster here. If you live near but have never been you really should make the effort to go.....it won't be a wasted trip! While we were there we saw the market square getting ready for the filming of the 1940's episode of a new series set to air in the autumn which charts the changes to everyday life through the decades. theres more info on it on Niki's blog and some super photos too. While we were there I just happened to mention (as you do!)to Mr Darling that it was our wedding anniversary in the next few days and wasn't that a lovely chair in Niki's shop! Well after chatting for a few moments about how we really don't need any more chairs and gestapo style questioning about where would we put it... you guessed it...it came home with us! Thank you Mr Darling!