Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Big Smoke - Day One

Our eldest and I have just got back from our 'Girls Only' trip to London. We went straight to VVR where I spent too much money on pretty ribbons for flowers and hat trimmings. They really have some fab things but the flowers are so overpriced..and they're not even vintage ones! But they did redeem themselves by asking for one of my cards to display. We then went to the V and A to see the Millinery exhibition, that was splendid! The display itself is set out beautifully with a whole host of vintage and modern pieces and a lovely central area set out as a milliners studio (much neater than mine!!). Eleanor had on her cloche and we were asked by so many people about it that I've run out of cards! I also took the opportunity to plug the V and H fair to people as well! We then went to Laduree for tea and biccies....but I wasn't allowed to take photos in there which was disappointing as its so pretty in there. We brought a very small box home but they look too pretty to eat...ermm I wonder how long they'll last!!


  1. My daughter & I have our annual outing to London too - it's lovely for a day! I'm sure your hat drew lots of attention.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! You visited two of my favourite shops in the whole world. I haven't been to the V & A for ages and I feel that I really should make the effort to go. As my daughter grows older I hope that she will enjoy similar outings with me...loved this post!