Tuesday, 3 August 2010

You can never have enough chairs!

Last week we visited Shepton Mallet and made a visit to Niki's shop http://http//nostalgiaatthestonehouse.blogspot.com/ouse.blogspot.com/ As you can imagine there were lots of beautiful things to look at so for those of you who live too far away I'm including a small taster here. If you live near but have never been you really should make the effort to go.....it won't be a wasted trip! While we were there we saw the market square getting ready for the filming of the 1940's episode of a new series set to air in the autumn which charts the changes to everyday life through the decades. theres more info on it on Niki's blog and some super photos too. While we were there I just happened to mention (as you do!)to Mr Darling that it was our wedding anniversary in the next few days and wasn't that a lovely chair in Niki's shop! Well after chatting for a few moments about how we really don't need any more chairs and gestapo style questioning about where would we put it... you guessed it...it came home with us! Thank you Mr Darling!


  1. It's true - you can never have enough chairs just in case you need a little sit down while walking around the house!

  2. Hi Clare, Thanks so much for the mention and all the photos on your post - you are a treasure!
    So pleased that the chair went home with you - Such a useful wedding anniversary gift...You REALLY can't have enough chairs! ;-)) (Especially ones with pretty floral fabric seats - smile)

    Have a fab weekend,
    Niki x

  3. Mr Darling is a darling to fall for your hints.. Mine usually fall on deaf ears!
    Lovely chair from a particularly lovely shop!

    Thank you for your well wishes for the Homespun Fair.. I am sure it will be all over blogland on Monday.
    Hope you are enjoying some good hols time.
    Michele xx

  4. What darlings - both him and the chair - just lovely!

  5. That Mr Darling is a keeper I think! What a lovely gift :-)

  6. Hi
    I have just found your Blog and I quite agree with you, you can never have enough chairs, and like me you obviously have a very understanding hubby. The chair is lovely by the way.
    Jo xx

  7. Thereby heeding that ancient proverb: Chair today gone tomorrow

    Can never have too many chairs...good places for stroing cushions n ironing! x;0)

  8. Yes, i agree with that statement most heartily.

    You can never have enough chairs (or cushions for that matter).

    Love Claire (and Queenie) xx

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