Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Romper and Gown Website and a Few Finds

Well, you may remember me talking about the lovely photo shoot down in Devon for 'Romper and Gown' and if you check out their website you'll start to see the little hats I made for them (and the well behaved models!). They make hand smocked dresses in super cotton prints...really pretty. They've been featured already in Tatler, Vogue and Easy Living and are hoping to use some of these new photos in Country Living too....I'll keep my fingers crossed for that, it would be so lovely to see my designs in a magazine like would make all the hard work and pin poked fingers worthwhile!

A couple of recent finds as well, firstly a lovely vintage china pixie who I couldn't resist as he looks so at home next to the 'Elfie and Me' book box and a set of three jugs in varying sizes from a charity shop, perfect for summer flowers.

This weekend its the Flea Market at Shepton Mallet which is always great, if its warm we'll take a picnic and that should keep hubby happy...yes I know it's Fathers day but I have cleverly suggested we celebrate it on Saturday instead..I know it's dreadful of me isn't it?


  1. Love the Shepton Mallet Idea for Fathering Saturday! Clare, you are so very wise and clever.
    Thank you for 'following me', I'm sure the other lady was very lonely on her own.
    Love your Pixie!
    Have a lovely Saturday.
    Take care,

  2. Hi Clare...Hope to bump into you at the flea! I should really be selling...but think I shall go to buy this time! ;-))

    LOVE the jug that you found in a charity shop...and you have two more?! Even better!


  3. Love your finds, the pixie reminds me of one I had a child, bought it at the seaside one day and lost it in the sand the same day! I'm hoping to get the Shepton Mallet too on Sunday, if you see me, shout loud - I'm so busy looking at the goodies I don't tend to see much else!
    Lucy x

  4. It's you whose the Pixie Clare...Father's Day on Saturday :-)

    I will keep everything crossed for Country Living, as you deserve humungeous recognition for your beautiful millinery

  5. Cute Pixie sitting there! love the jug too. I almost brought my first charity shop dish today as it was so eye catching, but a nearly £5.00 thought it was too pricey!

    How exciting if your photo shoot of your hats do feature in Country Living! I have my fingers crossed for you it must be a huge boost!

    Have a lovely weekend


  6. Just want to say I too have my fingers crossed for the Country Living publicity. Your hats are so gorgeou you certainly deserve it - although you realise that if you do get in that will lead to more pin-pricked fingers!!

  7. It was lovely to bump into you on Sue's stall Clare. Hope you had a lovely day and found lots of goodies, I sure did :-)

  8. Hello Clare!
    Good luck for your designs, I hope you'll have a great success!
    Your daughters are lovely!
    Have a nice week!

  9. Hello Clare
    I hope that you had a great time at the Shepton Fle. I always find several things there. Unfortunately could not go on Sunday as I had a surprise lunch planned for Alan and his Father. I have that same pixie book box, so sweet isn't.
    Take care
    Isabelle x