Sunday, 28 June 2009

Strawberry Jam

Thanks to Hen at Henhouse for inspiring me to try making jam! We visited Woodborough garden centre yesterday and picked tons of ripe and delicious strawberries and raspberries ( a few were eaten on the way round!). The 'small stinky' loved the piggies there and they seemed to love her too, perhaps because she seems to attract the dirt within seconds of being dressed and clean! There was also a very cute antique shop there called 'Antiques and Tat' where I picked up a few Blyton books and a sweet deco coffee set. The jam making seemed to go well although there was alot of time spent standing worried over the pot, thermometer in hand! All finished and it's scrummy! Thanks Hen! I hope to post again later in the week about my schools A level art exhibition because I am so proud of what they have produced but I want to check with the students first that they don't mind me blogging about it! Have a good week whatever you're doing.


  1. Well done on the jam! Now you've tasted your own, Im sure you won't be back for the inferior supermarket stuff again. Plus strawberry is the most difficult to set so now you've made that, the (jam making) world is your oyster!!!
    Hen x

  2. What a lovely taste of summer Clare....
    I was in an Enid Blyton frame of mind yesterday.. after finding some wonderful vintage Noddy items at my local flea market.. I even went as far as to join the Enid Blyton society....
    Now that's another blog post!

    Michele x