Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Big Smoke

Last weekend we visited my sister in London for my nephews christening which was a lovely day. My sister had created the most elaborate cake based on Noah's ark complete with a very effeminate lion. Matthew my lovely nephew was very well behaved although he didn't much like the whole cold font water episode. The next day we pondered over visiting Northcote road as it looks so tempting on Hens blog but instead we settled on Libertys and the British Museum. Libertys was a joy as always and dare I say it there was the christmas shop open and ready for buyers! We managed to see the Aztec exhibition at TBM where my youngest nearly destroyed some artifacts by chucking her half eaten apple at it...the guards were not amused! and we had to visit the Egyptian exhibits too. The only horrid part was getting back onto the M4 to come home at rush hour...not a sensible idea! I enjoy visiting London but I'm always glad to get home, everyone seems in such a rush there and there's rarely any good will or manners especially on the tube. Strangely its not the young but rather the middle aged businessmen who avoid your glance when they push past or don't give up their seats to the elderly...I'm sure the decline of civilisation will start on the victoria line tube!!! Whinge finished....have a great week x


  1. Hello Clare

    Although I love the peace of the countryside, I do feel like having a trip up to London soon! especially to visit Liberty and a fabric shop that Hen mentioned in one of her posts. I don't know where the time goes, I hope I get to go before Christmas. It is very different up in the city, everything is a rush and not mny manners around either!
    Isabelle x

  2. Not many manners? Ah yes, we live with this on a daily basis! This is why we need our little country cottage to escape to, and remind us of what civilisation is like! However, Liberty is definitely worth the nasty Londoners you meet and of course, Northcote Rd will still be there next time (much more civilised at Northcote Rd too, if very nappy valley)!
    Hen xxx

  3. I'm country girl at heart, but I was born brought up in Essex, worked in London for three years, and after I married moved to the South West and very glad we did! We don't go back unless we really really have to!
    Love that cake.

  4. Great cake!! I love (rare) trips to London but agree about the 'rush' and have also noticed when ringing London numbers that my responses are around 50% slower than that of the person on the other end of the line. I just can't think that fast!! Lesley x

  5. I just found your lovely blog via a comment you left on that of Cocoa & Blankets - now I am going to check your website for I think your hats are just beautiful, too. As for London - ugh - if it wasn't for the Oxford Tube (cheap coach travel) I would hardly ever visit now, and Liberty's isn't what it was years ago.

  6. You'll love the wool/beads shop Clare. Far too difficult to choose though!

    What a fabulous cake! As for London I'm afraid it's not for me. Give me the country any day.

    Sue x

  7. hi, just been blogging around and it appears wrist warmers are the in thing! you could make them in a round, like the bit you started. give it a go and bring them to the group! happy crocheting lol maxine.

  8. Hi Clare,
    I was born and lived in Hertfordshire for my first 19 years and would often travel into London...I was glad to leave the SE with my hubby (yes, I really did get married that young ;-) and live here in the SW instead, which I will always consider home. If ever we go back to visit friends and relatives in Herts, it seems so busy - the roads are chaos...I'm with you - give me the country every time....
    Glad that you enjoyed your trip though!

    Have a lovely Sunday,