Sunday, 1 November 2009


Well Halloween has been and gone for another year. I was working in Bea and Evie yesterday on the hill and later we all ventured into the crowds outside. It was so busy with all the shops packed with trick and treaters but we managed to procure some sweets, enter our pumpkins into the competition and have a couple of mulled wines (hence the dodgy photos!). Hope you all enjoyed the festivities.....


  1. I posted a comment just now but am wondering whether it got lost.

    I've just found your lovely blog via Kitschen Pink and see from your profile that you live not far from me....

    At the risk of sounding spooky, I think I know you! I used to work at a school you might know very well.

    Now that does sound stalker-ish .... do pop by my blog ...

  2. Yes it's me - I wasn't sure if you'd remember after all this time! It was always such a pleasure doing work for you and Mr Daisy Darling.

    What gorgeous girls you have!

    Your hats are really lovely ... good to "bump" into you on here ... purely accidentally too. It's the first time I've come across a blog written by someone I know.

  3. What a lovely atmosphere there must have been in that street..
    I had a mad dash to Frome last week..but sadly didn't make it up to Catherine Hill..
    One of these days I hope to get there on a Sunday when the street fair is on..
    See you very soon at the other fair!
    Michele x

  4. Hello Clare
    That looked like a great event! I am always doing something else when they hold their events there. I hope that you are feeling all ready and prepared for the V&H fair!
    Isabelle x