Monday, 5 July 2010

Necessary Purchases and a Brush with Royalty!

Well I couldn't go to the Vintage and Handmade Textiles Fair without making a couple of purchases but I was very restrained..honestly I could have happily remortgaged the house and really we could have lived on beans on toast for a while! Firstly was a beautiful embroidered picture from Helen Roskill, this is so clever, she has used a black and white illustration from an old childrens book and then embellished it with clever embroidery, the picture doesn't do it justice. Her stall was on my last post and she had some truly beautiful things but she doesn't have a blog so if you want to see more come to our Vintage Bazaar in Frome on October 30th she has a stall there! Secondly is a corsage using some Liberty fabric from the talented Woo lastly was a patchwork cushion from Hen I was so inspired by Hen's work that I bought some vintage 40's fabrics from Sal Donna create my own less accomplished version!

Over the last couple of weeks my millinery has been getting about a bit (but only to the best places you understand!) this lovely lady sent me a picture of her wearing hers in her husbands E type jag, another pictured here went to the Queens garden party and another visited Ascot! Its so lovely to get pictures from clients, it makes all the sore eyes and stabbed fingers worthwhile!!


  1. Love all your purchases. So pretty. And beans on toast can be quite tasty? lol.

    Lovely to see that your hats get taken to only the best of places and on the most refined heads too. Throughly deserving of your beautiful work mind.

    Hope you have a lovely week.

    MBB x

  2. Great photos of your hats on location!
    Doesn't that lady in the heather coloured hat look gorgeous - I adore her outfit it looks perfect teamed with the hat.
    I crave one of your hats (just need the lifestyle!)

  3. Lovely to see you at the fair Claire. I would have chosen that lovely picture by Helen.. it is right up my strada!!

    I thought of you last week when I went to an amazing old house in Bath that had a collection of 1940's straw hats.. amongst many other things of beauty. Unfortunately the moths had got to them first!

    Michele x

  4. ooo 'ello, get you, all been to London to visit the Queen...hatastic old fruit!! x;0)

    (my verification is nunlurker....TEEHEEE!!

  5. I love your hats, I love love love them! c