Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Vintage and Handmade Textiles Day

Firstly, apologies for neglecting my blog of late but it is officially 'mad' time at work so my blog has been relegated to the bottom of my 'to do' list! Today was the first (of many I am sure!) Vintage and Handmade Textiles Day in Chipping Sodbury. This is the brainchild of the lovely Michele and Jayne (http://http// http://http// and it was a wonderful day. I went along today as a customer rather than a stallholder which was lovely as I could chat to everyone and make a real day of it. There were some beautiful stalls, some I recognised from the original fair like my partner in crime Liz, Donna http://http// Hen http://http// and Viv http:// but there were also an array of stallholders I hadn't met before so it was great to meet other talented ladies, especially the wonderful Woo http://http// who makes the best bunnies you've ever seen. We enjoyed some delicious cakes in the sunshine made by Hen and managed to spot a meeting of the ' Vintage and Handmade Widower Support Group' as well! Needless to say a few 'necessary' purchases were made....but more of that another time. for those of you who couldn't make it I'll leave you with some pics...have a great weekend.


  1. The 'Vintage and Handmade Widower Support Group' - great shot!
    Tamzin X

  2. Brilliant! Have a super Sunday Clare. xx

  3. It was lovely to see you & the family again Clare - glad you came!


  4. Sounds like you had great fun!

    Good luck with all the madness at work! lol.

    MBB x

  5. The Vintage Hadmade Widower Support Group, would like to thank you for the photo and for highlighting a very worthy cause ;-)
    Always great to see you. x

  6. Fab to see a friendly face and have a natter on Saturday, Clare. That picture of your little one with the (matching) cupcake is priceless. Hope your new cushion looks the part at home and instructions that it is for "display only" have been adhered to! The Munchkin enjoyed his play with your big girl, too.
    Hen x