Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Vintage Bazaar!

Well today started early (5.00am to be precise!) and off we went to Frome packed up with hats, corsages, jewellery, fascinators etc etc...We arrived and unpacked, ready to start the day. There were so many wonderful stalls selling exquisite vintage delights that it was difficult to focus on setting up and before we knew it it was 9am and the customers started coming in. We had the lovely Jack and Mr Darling on the front desk and Edwin http://http// kindly helped too, looking very dapper indeed! We were kept busy all day and we had over 1000 visitors....apparently we blocked the roads through Frome several times during the day as people tried to park..sorry Frome! There was a great atmosphere all day and we even had some famous faces turn up too. Despite one of our two makeover ladies being ill my eldest and her friend still managed to have a 40's makeover, victory rolls and lipstick!

Thank you so much to everyone who turned up, stallholders and customers for making the day such a great's to the next one!


  1. Well done to you both.

    Miss Darling looks darling in her 1940's guise!

  2. Dear Clare
    The thanks are all for the two of you: Lizzie and yourself ! This was a most excellent fair and even after 5 hours (yes really!) I was loathe to go home !!! Please, please organise another one in the New Year, I don't think I can wait another 12 months !!!!
    Put your feet up and revel in the success today :-)
    Denise x

  3. Hi Claire
    It really was a huge sucess, well done! I love it. I look forward to having a stall again in April.
    Isabelle x

  4. News travels fast and although I was unable to get to the fair myself.. I heard it was a rip roaring success long before the day was out.
    Well done to you and Lizzie for organising such a classy event!

    Michele xx

  5. Hi Clare

    What a day! But I wish you hadn't taken that photo!! I hadn't realised Frome came to a total standstill - I think perhaps the Bazaar was a success!

    Shall look forward to seeing everyone else's photos - I couldn't get away from my stall to take any so my blogpost will have to be a trail of links to other blogs!

    Well done to you and Liz and your other halves for creating such a brilliant event.

    Sue x

  6. Hi Clare,
    Many thanks to you and Lizzie (not forgetting your menfolk!)for organising such a special event. The atmosphere was fab.
    Your little cutie-pie looks gorgeous btw!
    And I loved your new tilt-style hats that you created.

    Have a rest!
    Niki x

  7. Hi Clare,
    I had such a great day. As some other stallholders I was so busy, that I didn't manage to have a look at the other stalls. Which on the other hand might be good, as I wasn't tempted to buy too much. But next time I'll see you (V&H) I'll have a closer look at one of your hats.
    Well done, many thanks and looking forward to April already.
    Warmest wishes, Gertie

  8. hi Clare- please feel free to bring 30 x 14 year olds to my Vintage at the Village Hall fair, I shall change the title especially for you to Vintage at the Village GALLERY!!

  9. Hi Clare
    What a wonderful day you all had, I would have loved to have been there - gorgeous stalls.
    Jo xx

  10. oh I want I all ,gorgeous things !

  11. Hats looking wonderful as always Clare - what a buzzing day, to judge by the photos and so many visitors too. Really like the 40s makeovers. Glad everything went well. Lesley x