Tuesday, 15 February 2011


This weekend we all went to Frome to heavily publicise 'The Vintage Bazaar' by putting our lovely postcards in numerous shops and cafes. Whenever we're there we make a beeline for the shops on Catherine Hill and today was no exception, popping into Marmalade Yarns to see Maxine http://www.marmaladeyarns.co.uk/, Poot (obviously) and Millie Moon http://milliemoonshop.co.uk/ to drop off plenty of flyers. It was lovely to hear that last time the Bazaar was on the shops up Catherine hill were really busy with new customers. Its so important that these sort of independant shops thrive in todays society where we tend to favour the 'big' names! While we were there there we also visited a wonderful exhibition called 'Smile' at The Black Swan Gallery ( http://www.blackswan.org.uk/exhibitions_black_swan_arts_Detail.php?SMILE-16) where we were lucky enough to see work by several artists including the wonderful Julie Arkell. One of my favourites was poor Stanley and his rabbit girls, i dont know what hes done but they're clearly not happy with him!! It is a touring exhibition and features some truly inspiring work so if it comes to a town near you..........


  1. Oooh I would love to see the exhibition, I am booked on one of Julie's courses later in the year so thanks for the photos. So happy for you that you are putting Frome on the map with your fair!
    Hen x

  2. So inspiring Clare...it must have been a real treat to see.
    I am looking forward so much to the Fair.x

  3. That exhibition looks just fab! Lucky you for getting to see it. Liz xxx

  4. Hi Clare,
    Was just wondering, the exhibition is open on Sunday but is everything else in Frome shut? Would we be better going another day? If you know and can help, thanks very much.
    P.S. No photo of the quilt you made yet?
    P.P.S. No photos of kitty for a verrry long time?
    No pressure!!! Have a great weekend.
    Hen xxx

  5. What is it about Julie Arkell's characters that is sooo appealing? I think it must be those ears and the little quotations she embroiders on each one. I have one of her pieces called 'The Dust Gatherer'.. very aptly named in our house!
    Look forward to seeing you at the fair.
    Michele x