Sunday, 13 March 2011

Step Back in Time

This weekend we ventured down to Ilminster in Somerset for the Talent for Textiles event. We haven't been there before despite hearing very good things about it so we thought we'd make a day of it. The fair itself was superb with a select number of quality stalls inside the Arts Centre. There were some familiar names there like my partner in crime Liz with her wonderful fabrics and clothes plus the lovely Donna and her glamorous mum with their tempting fat quarters, ribbons and fabric. Before I arrived Liz and Donna had found some fabulous finds including some curtain panels designed by Hockney for Celia Birtwell! I found a stunning dark teal 20's dress in wonderful condition which I'll be taking to the Vintage Bazaar. After the fun of the fair we walked down into the town and visited the toy shop and sweet shop much to the delight of the little 'Darlings'. The town is a real step back in time with 'real' shops..the butcher, the bookshop,the sweet shop but best of all was when we saw R.A Dyers a traditional drapers complete with the best examples of shop fittings I have ever seen! They have recently launced a website so do have a peep! I have to admit to being quite overwhelmed by it all and asked the manageress if I could take some pictures, she was very sweet and said I could. The place was crammed with history and I imagine that it must have been very similar to the shop my Nana and Grandpa owned many years ago. Mr D also saw a bookshop up for sale so we both dreamt about moving running the gorgeous Dyers and Mr D becoming a bit like Bernard from 'Black Books' drinking too much wine and being abusive to the customers!!


  1. Mr HH says Mr D will have to get in line to take over the bookshop! We were sorry to miss the fair this weekend, it would have been lovely to see you. Ilminster is very near our cottage and we are often to be found at Mr Bonner's the butchers and me in Dyers, buying up the granny-style flannelette pjs, flowery hankies and fluffy bedsocks (where else can you buy them?!) Although it's still a fabulous shop, it's a real shame as recently, they have moved things around. The haberdashery dressers and counters all used to be right at the front as you entered the shop, beautifully laid out, now they're consigned to the dusty, dark back corner, half of them empty, with naff clothing at the front. Still a gem of a shop though, I particularly love those bentwood stools. I do wish you still had to take your bills to the central counter to pay!
    Hen x

  2. Lovely post Clare. It was great to see you & I am so pleased that you had time to wander around the town and explore Dyers. It is just wonderful. xx

  3. What a fabulous shop! I remember a similar shop from my childhood where we bought our school uniforms.


  4. Clare - you think hubby would be swigging the wine and being rude to customers????
    I think Ilminster is lovely as well and the fair (I visited last year). Perhaps we should all move and have shops, a bit like Ashburton. The only problem would be - where, as obviously I would want my shop as close to the sea as poss?!

  5. What a fabulous shop, and I love the 20's dress. Looking forward to meeting you at the Vintage Bazaar.
    Jo xx

  6. Pics of shop brought back lots of memories - used to have a Saturday job in a store not unlike that! Loved arranging all the drawers - I worked in the baby department! Happy days!

  7. Sounds like a lovely place to visit. Those shops fittings are just gorgeous.

    Oooh yes owning a bookshop, now that would be a dream come true. And complete with a slightly weaving and wavering Bernard, would be hilarous! (well until he scared the customers away.)

    MBB x