Sunday, 10 April 2011

This weekend has been wonderful. Yesterday I had my stall at the original vintage and handmade fair in Chipping Sodbury and got to see lots of my lovely and talented friends. The day started with the usual panic about what I'd brought and what I'd left behind and trying to arrange the table. I had done a test run at home this time as I had more stock and photographed it but when I got there I couldn't quite get it right! My eldest was a big help carrying things in from the car and helping to set up...I may have to start paying her before too long! I even left her in charge (much to her delight!) while I nipped to get some much needed caffeine from the kitchen only to come back and find her selling a hat! Jayne And Michele did a wonderful job and there were plenty of delightful things for sale from everyone. It's always such a great day because not only do I get to make some pocket money but I get to see and chat to some fab people who are interested and excited by all the same things I am! There are just too many highlights so I'll let the pictures do the talking ( some thanks to the loveeerrly Woo).

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  1. ciao sono bellissimi i tuoi capelli come posso fare per acquistarli?...complimenti sinceri baci la piccola lù.