Sunday, 7 August 2011

Celebrations and new arrivals

There has been a new arrival this week at The Darling household, a small, brown eyed Arthur rabbit came to live with us much to the delight of the children (and resigned sign from Mr D!). So far they have been very good and stayed true to their promises of cleaning and pettting duties but I realise it has just been a week and things may change as the weather becomes colder! As well as a new arrival we have had my mums 70th birthday tea party. Is was a super turn out with over 70 family and friends coming from Switzerland, Ireland and the Isle of Man to raise a glass at the village hall (bedecked with 100m of handmade bunting....needless to say me and my sewing machine never want to see bunting again!!). Another exciting event was seeing my embroidered bunnies in 'Handmade Living' magazine which had a wonderful article on The Original Vintage and Handmade Fair and lastly Mr Darling and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary so all in all its been a busy couple of weeks. The summer holidays are well and truly here and its been great to really enjoy being together as a family and remember what life should be like when you're not up till the wee hours planning and marking I've even started on a few new projects based around the theme of Thumbelina using canvas, embroidery and vintage bits. Liz and I are also busy preparing for the next 'Vintage Bazaar' on 29th Oct and we are planning something exciting for next year...more of that another time.........

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  1. Arthur rabbit is adorable! Happy birthday to your Mum and a happy Anniversary to you. Looking forward to the next VB in October.
    Jo xx