Sunday, 31 May 2009

'Fair Purchases' or 'How to hide buys from Hubby!'

Well yesterday was such a success I treated myself to a few purchases while I was there. The key to this was to disappear leaving hubby busy on my stall while wandering around the other stalls to make my purchases, then sneekily popping them into the box under the table without him noticing!Oh dear the tangled webs we weave! Well here is what I bought...I could have bought much more so really I SAVED money..or at least thats what I've told him (he's not fooled!).


  1. I loved your stall and was extremely tempted to buy a hat for my daughter - who did look gorgeous in it BUT was unsure if she would wear it more than once. But thanks for your time - it was appreciated

  2. Unfortunately Mr Custard turned up at the end of the day just as I was brandishing my only purchase.. a lovely kitsch shell frame from Lizzie at The Washerwoman.. so my spending was revealed!
    I definitely need an assistant next time so I can creep off and do some more shopping.. there were so many beautiful items for sale..
    Michele x

  3. Oooh some pretty stuff there. I hope the fair went well. Good thinking of hiding your purchases!

    Take care


  4. Aha! So that explains why on the ocassions when I was able to whip around the hall you were missing at your table! ;-)
    It was great to have you there - just a pity we didn't all have much time for chatting.Maybe we can meet up for coffee one day?


  5. Hi Clare it was really nice to meet you yesterday, Im glad you have given the little boat a good home. It does not look to me as if you spent too much !! I managed to only make one purchase, in a way it was a blessing that I did not get a chance to have a good look round, my purse thanks me for it! Hope we meet again, if you are ever in Cornwall do look us up. Jane xxx PS Thanks for putting a pic of my stall on your previous post I did not have a camera with me so its nice that I can grab a photo off you.

  6. Excellent ploy Clare, I'm learning soooooo much from you!
    I'm sorry to bother you again, however I just need to ask one question (I have just spent another 2hrs, trying to do this) - I'm doing everything you say and NOTHING!!!
    Two last questions, do you have an apple mac, if you are windows could that make a difference?
    Also did you make up your own playlist or download one that was already made up - I'm making up my own.
    Promise to stop bothering you about this again.
    There is no point in it taking over your life to! A bit dramatic I know, but I'm really being tested with this.
    Happy Sunny Monday!
    Take care

  7. Don't we all hide things from hubby?! Then we can say - what that old thing, I bought it ages ago - don't you notice anything???
    I absolutely love your hats, by the way!!
    (Sorry, too many exclamation and question marks, think I better slow down my caffeine intake)
    Kim xx

  8. Hi Clare...where did the time go? It was such a busy day, wasn't it? Such a shame that we didn't really have the chance to chat....but thank you for making a purchase at my stall - hope Violet the spoolie behaves herself and that your hubby wasn't too cross! ;-))

    Here's to the next one...
    Niki x

  9. How lovely to make it then spend it!! You spent well, I think! I love your blog, especially the earlier post about Edwina Bridgeman. I'm such a huge fan of hers and it's so nice to find another who truly appreciates her work!
    Thanks for 'favouriting' me!

  10. It was lovely to meet you Clare. Wasn't it lucky you found your little one's teddy? That must have been a heart stopping moment when he went awol.

    hopefully will see you at the next one.

  11. Hi Clare, thank you so much for your purchases from me - I remember you buying them but didn't realize who you were at the time. I got moved to a wall space when someone dropped out and I meant to come and say Hello on your stall, but with the day being so frantic it kind of didn't happen. Hope you will be at the next one, I have booked re-inforcements for my stall so should have some time to socialize. I see you don't live too far from me, we might get the chance to meet up before then.
    Lucy x