Friday, 29 May 2009

Back Again!

Just a very short (lazy) post. We've been away for the week in St Ives and I've been trying to catch up on post reading, emailing, baking cakes for the V and H fair tomorrow (oh good grief....still need to pack stuff up for that!) and the mountain of washing that still needs doing. Hope you can come to the fair tomorrow, it promises to be a really super event. Do say 'hello' if you can make it. Will write a proper post soon!


  1. Hi Clare - St Ives, how lovely! You'll obviously be fully refreshed ready for the onslaught that is the V&H Fair!!!! See you in the morning. Have a good journey. DON'T FORGET THE CHILDREN!
    Sue x

  2. Hello Clare
    Lucky girl, I could do with having a week off in St Ives! Hope you had a good time. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.
    Good luck with all the preparations!
    Take care
    Isabelle x