Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Shepton and Steam

Sunday meant the Shepton antiques fair and although we normally roll up about 12pm, due our youngest learning to escape from her cot (heaven help us!) we were all awake and ready to go by 9am! It was a lovely day with plenty of purchases (more about those in my next post) and sunny weather. Niki's stall was stunning as you can see from the photos and it was lovely to see a number of stalls with postcards advertising the V and H fair ( dont forget to come!). On our way back we stopped off at the East Somerset steam railway. We've never been there before but we pass it every time we go to the fair. It takes about 40mins to go to the end and back and the girls loved it. Eleanor even got to wear the proper hat and stand up in the engine....Martha was a bit bemused by it all but when she saw the newborn calf out of the window she got very excited indeed. The waiting room houses a collection of old railway paraphenalia and it all smells wonderful...layers of wood polish and steam. I'm sure we'l be back..I fancy the strawberries and cream day but hubby likes the idea of the cider,cheese and steam day...we'll wait and see.


  1. Hi Clare,

    That looks like great fun, your two little girls look really excited and cute as buttons!

    I quite fancy a trip on a steam train, it must of felt very brief encounter.


  2. That would have been our perfect day out! I would have loved the antiques and my other half and Harry would have loved the steam trains. I don't think we've actually been on that line.
    Looking forward to meeting you at the fair.
    Hen x