Monday, 13 July 2009

Dressing Up

I've been faffing for the last few days after visiting a little gem of a shop recommended by Niki (thanks again!) where I purchased a small painted dresser. I can't decide what to put on it so I guess it will have to keep changing. My husband wasn't sure it would fit in the car but I knew it would and after a bit of child and buggy juggling we got it in. We also got our new bed delivered at the weekend. We've had many months sleeping on a broken bed propped up with old stereo speakers (not very glamorous!) until it finally gave up at around 3 in the morning much to our surprise! Now, I was going to paint it but after seeing the wood I'm not so sure........any thoughts?


  1. I understand your indecision because furniture which is painted looks fab but when you buy something and the wood looks lovely too, it's so hard to paint it! I never know how people who deal in painted furniture actually get the guts to paint it! I'm sure it will look great either way. Which would fit best with your decor/style?
    Hen x

  2. Oooooh I have painted dresser envy there. Such a pretty one! love it. I love the bed and can see it would look fantastic painted. But I can also see your dilemma as the wood is beautiful. I have to say for me I find too much wood a bit oppressive so I think I would want to paint it. But I guess if you have spent a fortune for it you might not want to.

    I reckon if you live with for a while, if you think it looks great and you dont get that twitch to pick up a paint brush every time you look at it then there's your answer! What does DH think?


  3. Me again just looking at your decor in your bedroom, (if you dont mind sounds a bit pushy! sorry)if you painted the bed white or cream the bed might look a bit lost. Leaving it as it is does give the room a great impact - the wood against the white. (unless you were going to be really adventurous and paint it a different colour to white or cream.)

    Ps your website was easier to upload today!

    Right I will leave you in peace now!


  4. Just me again! sorry have been messing around with my layout on my blog and noticed your comment. I got Being Human series one for my Birthday me and the DH are halfway through. I am really enjoying it. Not just because of Mitchell eye candy you understand! lol. I have been on the BH website and they have said that they are commisioning a second series. I was extremely happy with that bit of news.


  5. Hi Clare, the bed is superb, I would live with it for a while before deciding whether to paint, I always think it's a shame to paint something that's in good condition and it's much harder to undo if you don't like it! The painted dresser is lovely though, that's something I'd like but just haven't got the right space for one. Sadly I'm not going to the Homespun fair - it's a bit too far I decided, plus I haven't done any crafting for a while so wouldn't have anything to sell anyway. Hope you have a great day there though, be sure to take loads of pics!
    Lucy x

  6. Hi Clare,
    I'm so pleased that you visited one of my favourite shopping places and came away with the sweet little dresser. Your Deco china looks perfect on it...
    Us girls are so good at fitting those must-buys into our cars! I always go with the motto - 'where there's a will, there's a way!'

    As for your dramatic bed, I agree with Lucy. Perhaps you should live with it for a while, rather than rushing to paint it and then regretting that you did...

    Hope you know enjoy better night's sleep!

  7. Hi Clare,

    This is my first visit to your blog and, if you don't mind, it won't be my last. Although my blog is absolute chaos and total silliness, I do know quality when I see it.

    Your new bed is the most beautiful bed I have ever set eyes on. It is marvelous. Obviously, it's your bed and you must do as you wish. But if it were mine, I would rather pluck out my eyeballs with warm sugar tongs before letting a spittle of paint get anywhere near that superb wood! Pleeeeeeease! Don't do it!

    I came onto your blog by following the photo of the gorgeous hats you make. I personally look absolutely dreadful in a hat (come to think of it; I look absolutely dreadful without one) - at least I could pull it over my face and hide my wrinkles!

    Your designs are so very dainty and pretty - hats really DO make an outfit, and yours are quite enchanting. I shall tell my Mum and sister about your blog, as I know they would find it fascinating too.

    Keep up the good work - we shall be watching you!!!

  8. hello. It's my first visit here, but ohhhh...those hats!!! Off for a look through x