Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Shop Girl (and a little moan!)

Today I spent the day working at Bea and Evie in Frome all on my tod...yes I have been trusted with the keys to a wonderland of loveliness! Although it was very quiet today (probably due to the foul weather) I happily faffed and dusted and prettied all day long. For those of you who haven't visited the shop I've included some photos. I had a lovley day until I made the mistake of watching 'Home for Life' on BBC2..let me explain...there were a couple who were redecorating their house and the husband had an old table of great sentimental value. It had belonged to his parents and they all had family meals around it every day. It was wonderfully marked with little felt tip stains,little scratches and marks from cups of tea... a real sense of memories shared. Anyway do you know what he did with that table ..he sanded it down and varnished it! Yes all the little memory marks gone...I got rather cross with the telly at this point I can tell you! What a shame that he couldn't appreciate the fact that the table was like a canvas charting the growth of a family and their precious time together. I'll stop moaning now!!!!! On a lighter note I hope to see some of you at the Homespun fair on Sunday (promise I won't whinge!)


  1. Oh that shop looks lovely, dang and I missed my chance of having a mooch round when we were there a few weeks ago!

    It is annoying when something happens on the t.v. that you dont agree with. You should of heard me moaning at build a new life in the country earlier. Beautiful georgian house and they go and make it all minimalist! although they did keep the original features. Grrrrr.

    Maybe I will just watch Being Human all over again and drool over Mitchell er I mean enjoy the brilliant series. Watched the last two last night. Brilliant!


  2. The shop looks gorgeous, I think I'd enjoy being in charge there too!

    I didn't see this week's Home For Life but I did last week. Their house looked absolutely hideous afterwards, all the character had gone and you were left with a mishmash of garish crap!

    Mel xxx

  3. This is such a serendipitous post Clare.. We were going to travel to Frome yesterday and I would most certainly have visited Bea & Evie's as it is one of my favourite shops there.. what a surprise I would have had to have met you there holding the fort.
    I was thinking only this morning about our large pine farmhouse kitchen table and what a shame that it had so many dents and marks on it.. but you are so right.. it would be a crime to erase the history of each mark.. everyone tells a story!
    See you on Sunday!

  4. I always feel the same when I watch flog it (guilty secret, naff TV) and people sell things that have been in their families for generations. The presenters ask them if their children will want it and they say no, they're not interested in antiques - not now, but they will be one day!!! Glad I'm not the only one who feels like this! (Sorry for all the exclamation marks, BTW)
    Kim xx

  5. Lovely shop.
    I saw that programme - how could he have done that! We use my MIL kitchen table in our house, we were thinking we would never get another table like it!

  6. sorry I missed you, although it was raining and very depressing, so i didnt venture out of the shop, hope to see you sunday market! lol maxine

  7. Hi Clare

    Glad you got to see the Cheese Room!

    I didn't see the programme but I can imagine you were spitting feathers!! What a waste of all that history. Wonderful drawers in Bea and Evie's. I'm hoping to get some more soon for DH.

    See you on Sunday. I've just finished loading the car ...

    Sue x

  8. Ah! One man's rubbish is another woman's beautiful piece of history! There's a rule about inherited furniture - if you have to live with it, make it your own. The marks will return with future generations. We have a huge dining table which is a family piece. We love it to bits and all the water marks and stains of family celebrations- re-polishing would cost a fortune so we have a good excuse for doing nothing to repair the damage - although I'm not so sure it's a good excuse for all the playmobil and model railway scratches that we've added in recent years!
    Good luck tomorrow - have a wonderful time! t.x

  9. What a treasure trove of a shop,all those little drawers brimming with bit and pieces a pleasure to work in. Lucey x