Sunday, 6 September 2009

Bath Textiles Fair

Today was the Ashley Hall textile fair in Bath. It's a beautiful site as it's held in the assembly rooms, home of the Costume Museum. There's always beautiful things to look at here although it can be quite pricey. It was lovely to see familiar blog faces (Lizzie and Niki) there and to meet a new one(Message in a Teacup). After a quick circuit round the stalls I sat with a coffee and a cheese scone (yum) pondering what I REALLY needed. My husband commented that my fair tactics were like a meal out, firstly the small amuse bouche, the quick look to assess the loveliness, then the main course where I am usually tempted to purchase something and then the dessert, a last look to check I haven't missed anything! It's not usual for my daughter to request 'No dessert please mummy!' but today was the exception. Well, I bought some lovely trims for my adult hats for the V and H (more of those in another post!) from Lizzie. A pair of super cushions for our sofa and lastly a beautiful doll from around the 20's I think. Have a great week.


  1. What lovely things.
    I just love Bath and I wish I lived closer to the place, when I saved again I will be making another visit!

  2. Hi Clare

    Glad you had fun in Bath. I must try and arrange cover so I can get to the next one.

    Sue x

  3. Hello C
    Hope back to school has gone well.
    Lovely finds C, I bet you were really pleased!

  4. Lots of pretty things there. Love the cushion very pretty. Looks like a great day out.

    I have to say my DH can never understand the art of looking and browsing (and then maybe purchasing) as far as he is concerned you race around you pick the first random object up buy it and get the heck out! pah men! lol.


  5. Hi Clare,
    Lovely to see you was such an inspiring fair, wasn't it? And I love your analogy - I think I work them in much the same way - and we have such the same taste you know!...I'm glad that you bought the doll, she really is a treasure...and I ummed and ahhed about those gorgeous French cushions, but couldn't think where I would put them! I did buy some fabrics and a rosary from Alan though.

    See you at a fair again soon, I'm sure,
    Niki x

  6. Hi Clare
    It was lovely to meet you too! So nice to put faces to blog names! I don't think I can make the V&H fair (unless I can split myself in two somehow) but hopefully will see you again at Bath in November (or Stroud before!). Can't wait to see some 'grown up' hats!
    Ali x

  7. Lovely piccies of the Bath fair Clare! Glad the mannequin has gone to a good home. Jack is doing Stroud on Sunday, I will be in Bristol at the new vintage fair at the Lanes! Lizzie x