Friday, 4 September 2009

Childrens Things

Well, I've have been papering the 'baby' (I use the word loosely as she's two!) room. The last time we attempted this sort of DIYwas about 8 years ago and it nearly ended up in the divorce courts... so we've obviously mellowed in our old age as this went smoothly. I've had my eye on some circus paper from CK for a while so I bit the bullet and bought a roll to cover just one wall (it's too expensive to do a whole room!!) and it actually looks good....celebratory wine tonight I think. I also bought some of the fabric to make a cover/cushion too but that task will have to wait for another day. I found this lovely fabric in CK too but I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet, I just thought the colours were beautiful. I've been looking at old childrens books recently, there were such wonderful illustrations. I picked up a couple of them recently at a boot fair. One of the illustrations reminded me of last weekend.....I bet you can guess which one! have a lovely weekend..remember the fashion and textiles fair is on in Bath on Sunday...

I've just read this back and it sounds like I've been papering the baby! I haven't, honestly although there is a large bump on the wall and I haven't seen her for a while!


  1. lovely wallpaper! I hope the baby looks good in it! lol.

    Enjoy your celebratory drink sounds like you have both earned it!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I do love those old book pictures, they don't seem to print books like that these days.

  3. Lovely post and pictures, thank you.

  4. I hope you'll post some photos when the room is all done!


  5. Hello, just found your blog , I think it is wonderful. I love all those beautiful illustrations of yesteryear! I drwa a lot myself, and it is often children. Pop and visit some time! Suzie. x :)

  6. Your little one's room sounds lovely . . please show us when you've finished.

    I've had to suffer Doctor Who curtains so choose what you want while you can!

    and wallpapering the baby sounds like fun!