Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Etsy is a dangerous place

I feel sure I am preaching to the converted here but for those of you who haven't discovered Etsy yet you should really check it out (but hide your cards first). The site is filled with delicious and innovative items that I 'need'. I recently purchased two prints from the wonderful Corid which I've pictured here.


  1. Hello Clare

    I agree, you could spend hours going through all the beautifuls available to buy...What lovely prints you have bought!
    Isabelle x

  2. Lovely prints there, I can see why you wanted - no needed them! lol they are beautiful.

    I have to have my eyes shut to any lovey bit and bobs I see at the mo, what with the C word around the corner and wanting to do some decorating any spare cash will be spent on that! Boo roll on next year! lol.


  3. They're lovely, what a good find. Yes, great things on there, and unique things too which is the best bit!
    Hen x

  4. thank you so much for saying out loud to the world how great etsy is (and using my pieces as an example! there are SO MANY great things to choose from so i am truly honored. and yes, etsy IS dangerous.