Monday, 31 May 2010

Lindy Hop Bopping

This Sunday it was the Lindy Hop Bop and Vintage Fair in Bath. Although we had a good day it was very low on people and customers seemed to be mainly people coming back from buying a pint of milk at sainsburys next door...not really people out to buy vintage! nevermind though as I had Jayne (http://http// and Michele (http:// right next door and I met the lovely Rebecca (http://http// too so all in all it was a positive day. All three ladies had some fabulous things for sale and Jayne's daughter had some beautiful cushions she had made ( and some serious coffee knowledge!). Eleanor spent some time learning the lindy hop dance moves before partners were required and she became too shy to carry on so she had a 40's makeover instead...curlers and all! I was very tempted too as their clients came away looking fabulous....I thought about asking them to our Vintage Bazaar ( http://http// in October to work their magic on the customers.......good idea or am I getting carried ( bopped) away?


  1. It looks as if you all had a great time,
    Even though there wasn`t many costumers about...
    All the stalls look beautifully, you ladies sure know how to make beautiful displays!


  2. I was sorely tempted too to have a make over.. but it would take more than a few rollers and lippy to make me look glamorous. It was lovely to see you there Clare and hope it wasn't too tedious for you. I sure slept well that night!

    Michele x

  3. I really enjoyed the chance to try on some of your beautiful hats! I always look over at your stall when you do the Vintage and Handmade Fair, but I'm always tied down doing the teas! Was lovely to see you.

    Tamzin X

  4. It looked a lovely event.. yes, I think the 40's make-over gals would be great to have at the vintage bazaar! xxx

  5. I'm organisisng a whip round to see pics of you in rollers! Top stalls there ladies!