Saturday, 8 August 2009


I thought I'd post a couple of pics of the teepee which now seems to have become 'Eleanors Den' far too quickly. I did succomb (?) to it at the CK outlet store near Oxford and as my husband pointed out at the time we didn't 'need' one but it's not about 'need' is it and as it was considerably reduced I was really saving money, well thats the way I look at it anyway. The girls love it and we slept out in it last night, until mummy chickened out at around 1am. I'm afraid I don't 'do' proper camping, the idea of being cold, creeping to the loo in the middle of the night and creepy crawlies sharing the sack doesn't appeal, not when god invented hotels. The Bicester outlet centre was all very pretty but full of designer shops where reduced means 'still far too expensive' so I'm not sure I'd go back. I'm afraid I haven't posted about the fair because my camera ran out of batteries....but it was lovely and I'm now in the process of making up new orders. Have a lovely week whatever you're doing.....x


  1. Well I would have succumbed too! How couldn't you?


  2. I'm so glad that's what you thought of the outlet near Oxford. I took my daughter a couple of weeks ago and we were both very disappointed. I found a gorgeous green cashmere jumper - for £650 instead of £1150! I'll stick with my charity shop where I can buy cashmere for £3.99 and the money is going to a good cause!


  3. The tipi is great, well done on getting it for a bargain price. I keep waiting for the good weather to get ours out again, Harry loves playing "cowboys and indians" with it. Like you, I'm happy to do a bit of lounging and playing in it but am far happier in my cosy bed indoors come night time! Glad you had a successful time at the fair.
    Hen x

  4. I want one.
    Now Clare, a lesser woman would have bought that in the CK shop.
    I don't think your husband appreciates you SAVED him a fortune. ;)