Sunday, 30 August 2009

Holiday Bits and Bobs

Well it's been some time since I posted, time seems to go so quickly over the holidays and as I'm due back to work in a couple of days I'm getting that decidedly 'Sunday night homework' feeling. It was the Shepton Flea today and it was rainy and cold all day which meant whingey children but a good excuse for hot chocolate and doughnuts!We've had quite a busy holiday really and have just got back from a week in St Ives ( a very last minute decision but a very good one!). The Tate inspired us all to do some drawing on the beach and some watercolour eldest wanted to try and sell her work on the harbour to tourists! we visited the best cafe for breakfast....'The Digey' sells wonderful deli stuff and does the yummiest cakes as well. Lastly, it was my baby's second I said time seems to fly! have a lovely week.


  1. So glad you had a lovely holiday Clare. Super to see you, shame there wasn't longer to chat, but we'll catch up properly soon!

    Sue x

  2. I forgot all about the Shepton Flea being on today!!! All that decorating has taken over.. I would love to have escaped from it for an hour or so. It sounds like you have had good summer holidays. Phoebe is away with her Father for a week and during that time, we are working flat out painting and decorating. School soon and back to that routine again. Phoebe is a much happier and more relaxed child when out of school. Not looking forward to the school routine again, I must admit!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Hey there!

    Looks like you have had some lovely times. Lucky you being in St Ives such a lovely place.

    Awww happy 2nd birthday to your little one. Sounds like your eldest has the right idea selling her artistic endeavours by the sea!

    I know what you mean about that "Sunday night" feeling. My DH has had about 2 and half weeks off, and will be back to work Tuesday and Lala starts back at school on Wednesday. Boo Bear is at home with me for a few more weeks but I think we will have a few nursery visits before she starts every morning at the end of September. It all feels a bit daunting at the mo. But strangely a little bit liberating too.

    Hope you have a great week.


  4. Happy Birthday to you sweet little one. Looks like you had a fantastic holiday in St Ives.