Saturday, 14 November 2009

'The' Fair!

What a day!

The stalls were set up beautifully with all sorts of tempting things as you can see from the pictures (apologies for some blurriness...some were taken by my excited daughter!). We had a lovely and profitable day so thanks so much to the wonderful organisers and the tearoom helpers who kept me supplied with caffeine! Here's to the next one!


  1. Hey! Quick off the mark there girl! I have barely been home 2 hours & you have all the piccies posted! it was a fab day, so many lovely people & a great atmosphere. lizzie xxx

  2. Hi Clare,
    It was a top day, wasn't it, and I enjoyed it all the more because I was able to have a good natter with everyone and a look round and even came home with few goodies. It was lovely to chat with you and your lovely little girl again. I'm sure time will fly until May...
    Hen xxx

  3. Hello !
    Ohh, what a nice day you had !
    Il y avait de bien jolis objets ! Lucky woman (women :-)) !
    I "know" the the bear and the dog on the 1st photo, lol.
    Have a very nice day !