Friday, 13 November 2009

Just a quick reminder (as if you need it!) about 'The Vintage and Handmade Fair' tomorrow in Chipping Sodbury from 10-4. Entrance is free and there will be tons of wonderful stuff to buy! I'll take some pics for those of you who can't make it. I've had a mad rush to get everything done but I think its all sorted now!


  1. Hope you have a really fun and successful day!


  2. Hello !
    Hope the Fair will be succesful !
    J'aurais beaucoup aimé venir à cette fête, voir toutes les jolies choses exposées ! Unfortunatly it's too far from ... France. LOL
    Just on the other side of the Channel ... But I know a little the area, we spent holidays not so far in 2006. Around Stratford upon Avon. We visited the beautiful area, lovely villages.
    Bon week-end !