Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Neighbours with Cath K!

If you get 'Homes and Antiques' magazine this month you will find my work sitting alongside Cath Kidston's little sewing box!! There's allsorts of lovely christmas present ideas in this issue, I'll have to start saving my pennies...yeah like thats going to happen! Have a good bonfire night tomorrow.


  1. nice one, I have a subscription to H&A, but have not got my copy yet!
    Have a jolly weekend... nearly there! lizzie x

  2. I spotted the hats straight away and thought, aha, I know who is behind those beautiful creations!

  3. Oh congratulations Clare, that's fantastic.... you'll have to give the day job up soon girl, I'm convinced of it. x

  4. yay! Back of the net! Congratuwelldeservedlations! x:)

  5. Congratulations...erm of the two I have to say I prefer your hats!

  6. Hello ! lovely hats !
    I'll try to "find" this English magazine to myFrench newsagent. He has got some English mag and I buy Country Living every month, this month I'll add "Homes & Antiques" to see your "work" :-))
    Have a nice week-end !

  7. Hi Clare

    Have the magazine, just not had time to open it yet! Shall look immediately!

    Lampshade comes with the lamp standard which is actually a crackle finish (probably original) with pink rosebuds. Selling for a customer so 3-figure sum for the complete package. But 'we can talk'!!!

    Sue x

  8. Yay! Well done to you Clare...
    Have a lovely weekend and see you at the next one!
    Niki x

  9. I knew it was one of yours as soon as I saw it! So pretty!


  10. Oh Clare, how exciting!
    Your hats are exquisite, I'm really pleased to hear you are being recognised.
    I hope you sell lots and lots and then you won't have to think about saving! ;)

  11. How lovely they look too Clare.
    There are quite a few of us bloggers in this months H & A magazine.. nice to be in good company.
    See you very soon.. two days time in fact. Have a good journey on Saturday.
    Michele x